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 +====== GAMS crashes after upgrading to Windows 2000 ======
 +Upgrading from Windows 95/98/ME to W2k or XP by installing on top of the old operating system ​ may create problems with the '​ComSpec'​ environment variable which will cause GAMS to crash:
 +C:​\temp>​gams trnsport
 +---    6 rows, 7 columns, and 19 non-zeroes.
 +--- Executing BDMLP
 +Bad command or file name
 +--- Restarting execution
 +Look for the '​ComSpec'​ environment,​ it should end with  '​cmd.exe'​ as shown 
 +In some cases the old 16 bit command processor '​'​ is specified ​
 +instead. This needs to be changed to cmd.exe.
 +To change the values of '​ComSpec'​ you need to be logged in as administrator ​
 +to your local computer.
 +  - Open  System in Control Panel.
 +  - On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables, then click on the '​ComSpec'​ system variable and click Edit to correct the entry.
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