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-====== How do I run GAMS in the background on a UNIX machine? ====== 
-How do I run GAMS in the background? ​ 
-     gams trnsport & 
-does not seem to work.  
-That is correct. GAMS writes directly to /dev/tty and a 
-background job does not have access to that. The following command 
-will do the job:  
-     gams -lo 0 trnsport & 
-The log option flag tells GAMS not to write anything to the screen. You can also use ''​-lo 2''​ which writes the 
-log to ''​trnsport.log''​. 
-On some systems after you log out even background processes will 
-get killed. On those systems use:  
-     nohup gams -lo 2 trnsport & 
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