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-====== How to use GAMS from a Unix shell ====== 
-Q: //Could you give me some clue as to how to run my MIP model on UNIX.// 
-On a Unix box please do the following, all at the Unix 
-command prompt: 
-  - [[http://​​doku.php?​id=installation:​installation|Install GAMS and the license (if any)]]  ​ 
-  - Make sure the gams system directory is in your PATH. 
-  - Change to a directory you will put your model in (e.g. ''​cd ~/​models''​) 
-  - Test your installation by  retrieving a model  from the GAMS model library and running it:  
-    <​code>​ 
-     ​gamslib trnsport 
-     gams trnsport 
- </​code>​ 
-For a test with a MIP model, enter 
- <​code>​ 
-     ​gamslib bid 
-     gams bid 
- </​code> ​     ​ 
-If GAMS can solve these models successfully,​ GAMS is installed correctly. 
-Now, to solve your model, you will need to ftp your files to the Unix machine and run GAMS in the same way.  ​ 
-As far as looking at output, etc., that depends on what system tools (editors, print queues, etc.) your have installed there.  ​ 
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