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 +====== Missing /bin/csh on AIX ======
 +//I tried to run GAMS on my RS/6000 running AIX, but it was complaining that it could not find /​bin/​csh.// ​
 +Parts of the GAMS system are shell scripts written in c-shell.
 +These parts need to be executed by the c-shell which is invoked by
 +/bin/csh. The c-shell on AIX is an optional program product, and is
 +not loaded to the hard disk if you do a minimal installation. To install
 +the c-shell afterwards, become super- user, put the original AIX
 +distribution tape in the tape drive, and run smit instupdt. Follow the
 +directions and answer the questions in the SMIT menus. Choose the
 +package: bosext1.csh.obj. For more information consult the
 +installation guide of AIX.
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