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-The current GAMS version on Unix (that includes the Mac) does not work in directories with names that contain a space. The actual file name also cannot contain a space. GAMS itself produces the (meaningful) error message: 
-$ cd "My Directory"​ && gams mymodel.gms 
-*** Error: White space in CurrentDir 
-           ​CurrentDir = /​Users/​michael/​My Directory 
-$ gams "my model.gms"​ 
-gams: **** Error: Parameter error(s) 
-    :             ​Reading parameter(s) from "​command line" 
-    :             *** Error unknown .suffix "​.gms"​ for key "​model"​ 
-    :             ​Finished reading from "​command line" 
-If you are using GAMS Studio, you will get one of the error messages described above in the Output window but even before Studio will give you a pop-up similar to this: 
-As a side note, it is not a good idea to run GAMS in a synchronized folder like Google Drive. Here you can read [[gams:​can_i_use_dropbox_with_gams|more]] about this topic. 
-The remedy for this error is clear. Avoid file and path names with spaces. If your user name already contains spaces you will have to run GAMS in a folder outside your user directory. If you have admin rights you can create such a directory easily enough. Without admin privileges you can create a subdirectory under ''/​tmp''​ and do your GAMS work there. 
-Help is on the way. The upcoming 25.2 (expected December 2018) will allow spaces in path and file names not only for Windows but also for UNIX (and Mac).  
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