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-====== Using the SUN Grid Compute Utility ====== 
-**Note:​** ​ In early 2010 Oracle announced it was discontinuing the Sun Cloud project. Since Sunday, March 7, 2010, the web site has been inaccessible 
-===== GAMS on the SUN Grid ===== 
-Currently installed is GAMS distribution 22.5 for Solaris 10. Please check the information about the currently supported solvers on that platform. The installation includes these solvers without size restrictions: ​ 
-    * GAMS/BDMLP (LP/​MIP) ​ 
-    * GAMS/​COINCBC (LP/​MIP) ​ 
-    * GAMS/​COINGLPK (LP/​MIP) ​ 
-    * GAMS/MILES (MCP) 
-The setup supports (any or all of which): 
-  * Sequential and Parallel Job Submission 
-  * GAMS Grid Computing Facility 
-  * Parallel Solver Threads ​ 
-===== Simple GAMS Job Submission ===== 
-Note: We use the model [[https://​​latest/​gamslib_ml/​libhtml/​gamslib_trnsport.html|trnsport]] from the GAMS model library as an example. ​ 
-  * Create a working directory 
-  * Copy all required model files (e.g. ''​trnsport.gms''​) into the working directory directory 
-  * Create a script ''​''​ there. This file contains the full command line(s) to be executed, e.g.: <​code>​gams/​gams trnsport.gms lo=3 </​code>​ The entries ''​gams/​gams''​ and ''​lo=3''​ are mandatory. If your script has several lines, please make sure to save it in [[http://​​wiki/​Newline|Unix Format]] (''​LF''​ and **not** ''​CR+LF''​) 
-  * Zip all files ({{platform:​|}}) 
-  * Logon to the [[http://​​wiki/​Sun_Cloud|Sun Grid]]: "//​Since Sunday, March 7, 2010, the web site has been inaccessible.//"​ 
-    {{platform:​connect.jpg|}} 
-  * Goto to the Job Catalog and checkout the GAMS Job 
-    {{platform:​checkout.jpg|}} 
-  * Generate new resource (type Data) named ''​trnsport'' ​ and upload your compressed files (''​''​) 
-   ​{{platform:​resource.jpg|}} 
-  * Edit the catalog job GAMS and add as an user supplied resource. Don't forget to save the the modified job 
-    {{platform:​edit.jpg|}}  ​ 
-  * Submit the job 
-    {{platform:​job_running.jpg|}} 
-  * Wait until it has finished ​ and download the {{platform:​|results}} 
-    {{platform:​download.jpg|}}  ​ 
-===== Parallel Job Submission ===== 
-The example above submits the jobs sequentially to the GRID engine. If you want parallel submission of multiple jobs, you will need a modified setup: 
-  - Create a subdirectory called ''​models''​ in your working directory 
-  - Copy all model and data files into the directory ''​models''​ 
-  - Copy the script ''​''​ (below) and your license file ''​gamslice.txt''​ (if any) into your working directory. 
-  - Zip everything, e.g: ''​zip -9r batch *''​ 
-  - Logon to the Sun Grid 
-  - Generate new resource (type Data), e.g. ''​Batch'' ​ and upload your compressed files (''​''​). 
-  - Edit the job GAMS and add as an user supplied resource. Don't forget to save the the modified job. 
-  - Finally submit the job, wait until it has finished ​ and download the output. 
-Here are the {{platform:​|input}} and the {{platform:​|output}}-files of an example (batch). 
-#​!/​bin/​ksh  ​ 
-if [ -f $HOME/​.profile ]; then 
-       . $HOME/​.profile 
-LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/​gams:/​usr/​sfw/​lib/​amd64:​$LD_LIBRARY_PATH;​ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
-PATH=$PATH:​$HOME/​gams;​ export PATH 
-for p in models/​*.gms 
-  do 
-    # get the file name without path and  extension 
- fn=${p##​*/​};​fn=${fn%.gms}.sh; ​ export fn 
-        echo "echo Filename: $fn                           "​ > $fn 
-        echo "​env|grep -i hostname ​                        "​ >>$fn 
-        echo "​gams/​gams ${p} lo=3                          " >>$fn 
-        chmod 750 $fn 
-        qsub -cwd -V  $fn 
-**Notes:​** ​ 
-  * If you want to provide your own GAMS license file (''​gamslice.txt''​),​ copy it into the working directory and not into the models directory. Also in ''​'' ​ change the GAMS call to: ''​echo "​gams/​gams ${p} lo=3 license = gamslice.txt " >>​$fn''​ 
-  * Please note that we use simple distributed parallel processing: All jobs are being distributed independently,​ repetitive tasks to separate Sun Grid Compute Utility nodes for processing and do not require tasks to execute concurrently. Please check [[http://​​service/​sungrid/​SunGridDevelopersGuide.pdf|the Sun Grid Developer'​s Guide]] for more information. 
-===== Using the GAMS Grid Computing Facility ​ on the SUN Grid Compute Utility ===== 
-In addition to parallel job submission the [[http://​​docs/​gridcomputing.htm|GAMS Grid Computing Facility]] also supports parallel model solution, i.e. the generation and submission of models for solutions that can be solved independently. Just follow the instructions in Appendix J of the GAMS User's Guide for more information,​ how to setup your model. 
-As an example you may use the {{platform:​|input}} and {{platform:​|output}} files for the [[http://​​modlib/​libhtml/​trnsgrid.htm|trnsgrid]]-model of the GAMS model library. 
-===== Using Parallel Solver Threads (SMP) ===== 
-Each CPU of the Sun Grid has 2 Cores with 2 * 4GB of RAM. Two parallel CPLEX solver threads are supported (with the proper license and  a cplex option file). Please check the GAMS/CPLEX solver manual for more information. 
-===== Getting the number of different CPUs for running a job ===== 
-  * Unzip the output file from a run into a temporary directory 
-  * Search for ''​HOSTNAME''​ in *.sh.o*, e.g, e.g.( if ''​grep''​ is installed) for the ''​batch''​ example you will something similar to:  
-grep -i hostname *.sh.o*​​​​​​​​ 
--> This job  was running on 8 different CPUs.  
-=====  Individual Installation of the Software ===== 
-For more information about an individual installation of GAMS on the SUN Grid Compute Utility please visit the [[installation:​sungrid| installation notes]]. 
-===== More Resources ​ ===== 
-  * [[http://​|Sun Grid Developer Community Web]] 
-  * [[http://​​docs/​gridcomputing.htm|The GAMS Grid Computing Facility]] 
-  * Wikipedia entries on: 
-    * [[http://​​wiki/​Grid_computing|Grid Computing]] 
-    * [[http://​​wiki/​Sun_grid|the Sun Grid]] 
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