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-The executables in GAMS releases before 24.2.3 can allocate at most 2GB of memory. 
-If, for example, the GAMS execution system tries to allocate more than this limit of 2GB, you will see a message like 
-*** Out of Memory in New or GetMem. 
-*** Out of Memory while executing line 1742 
-*** HeapLimit = 1E20 HeapSize = 2145.2 
-It is possible to extend this limit by setting the environment variable LDR_CNTRL. For example, to increase the limit to 20GB, one would set (on bash): 
-export LDR_CNTRL=MAXDATA=0x800000000 
-Alternatively,​ it is possible to edit the information on the limit in the GAMS executable via the ldedit tool: 
-ldedit -b maxdata:​0x800000000 gamscmex.out 
-With GAMS 24.2.3, the limit in the executable in the GAMS system has been increased to 200GB. If more than these 200GB are required the above methods can be applied. 
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