Ordering and Pricing Information

All prices shown are valid as of April 21, 2022 and supersede in full any previous prices.

This is the shortened version of our price list. For a full version visit https://www.gams.com/sales/pricing_regular.

GAMS Modules

Named User License
(unlimited cores)
Machine Based License
(up to 12 cores)
Module Perpetual License Annual Subscription Perpetual License Annual Subscription
Includes the GAMS Language Compiler, GAMS-APIs, and many utilities. All other modules and solvers are included in the system and can be used with size limitations. To remove those limitations, you can purchase licenses for individual solver components listed below from us. All licenses must include GAMS/BASE.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
GAMS/MIRO Connector
Required to turn GAMS models into interactive MIRO applications.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 N/A
Encrypted source and work files option.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
Requires a Machine based license, includes the GAMS/MIRO Connector.
N/A N/A N/A $6,400
Named User License
(unlimited cores)
Machine Based License
(up to 12 cores)
Solver Perpetual License Annual Subscription Perpetual License Annual Subscription
Supports any GAMS MIP and NLP solver.
$1,600 $800 $4,000 $1,600
Requires the presence of a GAMS/CPLEX and a GAMS/SNOPT or GAMS/CONOPT license (or solver-link license).
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
Supports GAMS/CPLEX-license (or the solver-link, but not the OSI-link license), GAMS/XPRESS-MIP-license, some of the free solvers of the GAMS/BASE module, and any general GAMS NLP solver.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
Includes GAMS/CONOPT 4.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
GAMS/COPT $6,400 $3,200 $16,000 $6,400
GAMS/COPT Solver-Link only
Does not include a license for the solver.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
GAMS/CPLEX $9,600 $4,800 $24,000 $9,600
GAMS/CPLEX Solver-Link only
Does not include a license for the solver.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
DECIS comes in two variants: DECISC (requires presence of a GAMS/CPLEX or GAMS/CPLEX-link license) and DECISM ( requires presence of a GAMS/MINOS license).
$9,600 $4,800 $24,000 $9,600
Supports any GAMS MIP and NLP solver.
$1,600 $800 $4,000 $1,600
GAMS/GUROBI Solver-Link only
Does not include a license for the solver.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
Includes HSL-routines.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
GAMS/KNITRO $4,800 $2,400 $12,000 $4,800
Includes GAMS/LINDOGLOBAL without size restrictions.
$12,800 $6,400 $32,000 $12,800
Requires the presence of a GAMS/CONOPT license. Maximum model size: 2000 constraints and 3000 variables.
$1,600 $800 $4,000 $1,600
GAMS/MINOS $3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
GAMS/MOSEK $3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
GAMS/MOSEK Solver-Link only
Does not include a license for the solver.
$1,600 $800 $4,000 $1,600
Requires either a license for GAMS/PATH (recommended) or GAMS/MILES (part of the GAMS/BASE module).
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
Requires the presence of a GAMS/CPLEX or a GAMS/CPLEX-link license; not available for macOS.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
Named User licenses are restricted to 16 cores; not available for macOS.
N/A $4,000 N/A $8,000
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
Supports any GAMS NLP solver.
$1,600 $800 $4,000 $1,600
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
GAMS/SNOPT $3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200
$12,800 $6,400 $32,000 $12,800
Everything but general nonlinear equations.
$9,600 $4,800 $24,000 $9,600
Everything but discrete variables.
$6,400 $3,200 $16,000 $6,400
GAMS/XPRESS Solver-Link only
Does not include a license for the solver.
$3,200 $1,600 $8,000 $3,200

Please contact us at sales@gams.com for a quote, and provide the information listed at https://www.gams.com/buy_gams/ .

Additional Information

  • A GAMS/Solver connects the GAMS Base Module to a particular solver and includes a license for this solver to be used through GAMS. It is not necessary to install additional software, as all of the listed solvers are already included in the installation package and licensed via the same method as GAMS/Base.

  • A GAMS/Solver-Link connects the GAMS Base Module to a particular solver but does not include a license for the solver. It may be necessary to install additional software before a solver-link can be used. Use of any GAMS/Solver-Link (including the Open Solver Interfaces to commercial solvers) requires written confirmation that all users have a valid license agreement for using the current version of the solver library and that the use of the solver will comply with the terms of that license agreement.

License Types

  • General

    • Perpetual licenses do not expire, and include maintenance and support (see below) for the first year after the purchase of the software.
    • Subscription licenses are valid for 12 months after purchase and include maintenance and technical support.
    • Available Platforms: Our standard prices include the license for a platform of your choice (Windows / Mac / Linux). Any license can be made a cross-platform (generic) license at an additional charge of 50% of a single user price for all licensed modules.
  • Named User Licenses: The use of a named user license is restricted to a single named person (the licensee). GAMS may be installed on more than one computer, provided that only one of these computers will be used by the licensee at any given time. The license file will show the user’s name and email address. We impose no limitations with regards to the number of cores or memory, but in general user based licenses are to be used for interactive sessions only, i.e. the licensee calls GAMS either via Studio or interactively via the command line. If GAMS is called by the licensee through external applications or scripts, a limitation to one concurrent job shall apply. The use on a cluster or within a cloud is permitted if the user gets assigned to only one particular node of the cluster or cloud and the use is restricted to this node. If the user wants to use multiple nodes, then a machine-based license is required.  

  • Multi-User/Department (MUD) License: A MUD License is a bundle of single user licenses available at a discount. A MUD license is available to departments, work-groups, or project teams where the license is centrally administered. Each license file will show the names and email addresses of the license administrator and of the licensed user. Please contact us at sales@gams.com for a quote.

  • Machine-Based Licenses: Allow unlimited simultaneous users and jobs on a particular machine. The license prices shown above apply to a single shared-memory machine with up to 12 cores. See the section “Multi-Copy Discounts” for adding additional cores. The license file will show the name and the email address of the license administrator. To size the license, please count the number of physical cores. GAMS queries the operating system for the number of physical and logical cores and (starting with distribution 36) both numbers are shown in the log file. On virtual machines, the number of physical cores may be more difficult to obtain, please contact us for further information.

  • For certain modules and solvers we offer additional license options such as application specific licenses, or cloud based burst computing licenses. Contact us at sales@gams.com if you would like to discuss these or additional license requirements.

Multi-Copy Discounts

Discounts apply to both additional perpetual named-user licenses and perpetual machine-based licenses: 30% discount on the original price for the second copy, and 50% discount for the third and following copies of the same modules. Discounts apply as long as the other license(s) are under maintenance, and the additional licenses run on the same type of platform as the original system. Does not apply to annual subscription licenses.

For machine based-licenses, a discount of 30% applies to the first increment of 12 cores beyond the first 12 cores, and 50% for each additional 12-core increment. Smaller increments are also available: please contact us for a quote.

Solver Packages

If you purchase more than one solver, you might be eligible for a solver package discount. Currently we offer the following packages:

  • NLP Package: CONOPT, IPOPTH, KNITRO, MINOS, SNOPT are discounted 25% if two or more solvers in this package are purchased.
  • GLOBAL Package: ANTIGONE, BARON, LINDOGLOBAL and are discounted 25% if two or more are purchased.

Maintenance and Support (M&S)

M&S allows free updates, adding components to existing systems, platform switching without additional charge, and multi-copy discounts on the same platform. Up to four changes per year of the name of the licensee are included. The annual fee for M&S is 20% of the list price for all licensed modules. M&S is optional, not required. If the user does not purchase M&S for some period and chooses to purchase it at a later date, we will back-charge M&S fees for the periods that were not covered at the current list price.

Purchase, Delivery, and Regulations

The software is available for download on the GAMS web site. The license file is delivered via email. The software includes the documentation in electronic form. All prices are stated in US Dollars and do not include applicable taxes and tariffs. We follow the policies and regulations of the Bureau of Industry and Security.


The GAMS End User License Agreement governing the use of the software is available on our website and also included in our distributions.