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-===== Academic Programs by Solver Partners ​ ===== 
-The vendors for CPLEX, GUROBI, MOSEK and XPRESS all have academic programs that may be able to provide you with a free license for their respective solver libraries. 
-There are two ways in which you can use these free solver licenses within GAMS: 
-  - Members of these programs can either purchase a GAMS link license, which offers the same functionality as a GAMS/Solver license. ​ 
-  - Or they can extend their base system with an OSI Solver link license, which is free of charge, but does not offer the full functionality of a GAMS/Solver link license. For details please see below. ​ 
-With the exception of the XPRESS and GUROBI solvers, all solver links will be activated through the GAMS licensing mechanism. If you want to use a GAMS/​XPRESS-Link license you must also install the XPRESS license manager. How to set up a GAMS/​GUROBI-Link license is explained [[solver:​how_do_i_get_set_up_to_run_with_a_gams_gurobi-link_license|here]]. ​ 
-A GAMS/Solver license has to be used within the scope of the GAMS license agreement. If you order a GAMS Solver link or an OSI Solver link, we assume that you are a member of the particular program and that the usage of the solver license will comply with the terms of the vendors license agreement as explained on their web site.  
-For details please visit: 
-  * CPLEX (IBM): https://​​academic/​ 
-  * GUROBI: http://​​academia/​academia-center 
-  * MOSEK: ​ http://​​resources/​academic-license/​ 
-  * XPRESS (FICO): https://​​community/​academic-program 
-For more information about the usage of the OSI-solver links please visit: ​ 
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