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Bad rowindex in readat().

This error pops up if you are using GAMS scaling (.scale) in connection with DICOPT and CPLEX as sub solver for MIP problems. The complete error message is:

ILOG CPLEX       May  1, 2008 22.7.1 WIN 3927.4700 VIS x86/MS Windows
Cplex 11.0.1, GAMS Link 34

Reading data...
Bad rowindex in readat().
--- DICOPT: MIP solver did not write a solution file

      DICOPT terminated prematurely because of a solver
      failure. The listing file will contain additional
      logs from the NLP and MIP solvers which may reveal
      what was the cause of the failure.

--- DICOPT: No solution file: cannot continue
--- DICOPT: Aborting
--- Restarting execution

Only the distributions 22.6 and 22.7.1 are affected by this bug. If your system is still under under maintenance, please download the current GAMS version from our download server.

A work around is to edit some files in your GAMS system directory:

  1. Windows: In gmscmpnt.txt (or in the install/gmsdi_nt.dat and rerun gamsinst) change
    • DICOPT's file type from 1 to 2001
    • CPLEX's file type from 1011 to 2011
  2. Unix: Same as under Windows, but the file names are slightly different: gmscmpun.txt and install/gmsdi_un.dat.
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