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-====== Changing the default Solver ====== 
-//Q: I would like to change the default solver (e.g. use CONOPT instead of MINOS for NLPs).// 
-Changing the default solver can be done in various ways:  
-  - Windows: Using the GAMSIDE: File -> Options -> Solvers. Click on the intersection of solver and model type that you want to be the default combination. ​ 
-  - Unix:  Run ''​gamsinst''​ again and change the default solver there. ​ 
-  - Use a command line parameter, e.g.  ''​nlp=CONOPT''​ 
-  - Add a line to your model (before the current solve statement) to switch your solver: ''​option nlp=conopt''​. This will override all other settings and will tell GAMS to use GAMS/CONOPT to solve NLP models instead of the default NLP solver. ​ 
-Note: Solvers, which call other solvers as a sub system (i.e DICOPT or SBB) may require an option file to change the default solver for the sub problem. Please refer to the solver documentation for more information. 
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