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Commercial version of IPOPT

  • Starting with 23.8 GAMS offers a commercially supported version of GAMS/IPOPT. This version of GAMS/IPOPT offers in addition the commercial strength linear solvers MA27, MA57, and MA86 from the Harwell Subroutine Library (HSL).
  • We will continue to include IPOPT without the HSL routines free of charge in the Base module.
  • With 24.0, GAMS changed the scheme on how to use IPOPT with HSL routines.
    • IPOPT is now always the open source version that uses MUMPS as linear solver and is included in the Base module.
    • IPOPTH is the commercially supported version that uses the HSL routines. For IPOPTH, an additional license is required.
    • Analogously, BONMIN is included in the base module and uses IPOPT with MUMPS as NLP solver.
    • BONMINH uses IPOPT with HSL routines as NLP solver and requires a license for IPOPTH.
    • For Couenne and SCIP, IPOPTH is used to solve NLP subproblems if an IPOPTH license is available, otherwise IPOPT is used.
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