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-====== CPLEX Error 32201: ilm: CPLEX: license file not found or unreadable ====== 
-This error should not occur, if you have purchased a GAMS/​CPLEX. ​ 
-If you are using a GAMS/​CPLEX-Link it is mandatory that the ILOG license manager is also installed and running properly. ​ You also need to set an environment variable ILOG_LICENSE_FILE to point to the ILOG license file access.ilm. ​ 
-Check that ''​c:​\ilog\ilm\access.ilm''​ exists or that ''​ILOG_LICENSE_FILE''​ environment variable is set to your ''​access.ilm''​ license file; then run ''​ilmcheck''​ (see  http://​​faqmsg?​m=ILM-16&​v=2.6r). 
-Also your Cplex documentation should be able to tell you more about this. 
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