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Execution error(s) after solve and scr-files in working directory

This error pops up if you are using GAMS scaling (.scale) in connection with ALPHAECP and CPLEX as sub solver for MIP problems.

Only the distributions 22.6 and 22.7.1 are affected by this bug. If your system is still under under maintenance, please download the current GAMS version from our download server.

A work around is to edit some files in your GAMS system directory:

  1. Windows: In gmscmpnt.txt (or in the install/gmsdi_nt.dat and rerun gamsinst) change
    • ALPHAECP's file type from 111 to 2111 (ALPHAECP 2111 0 1 MINLP MIQCP)
    • CPLEX's file type from 1011 to 2011
  2. Unix: Same as under Windows, but the file names are slightly different: gmscmpun.txt and install/gmsdi_un.dat.
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