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-====== GAMS/​CPLEX-Link and OSICPLEX-Link Licenses ======+====== GAMS/​CPLEX-Link and GAMS/OSICPLEX Licenses ======
 +The GAMS/CPLEX Link and GAMS/​OSICPLEX each require that you have a valid license agreement with IBM for use of the current version of the CPLEX library.
-Under Construction, please ​contact ​//[[|]]// ​for further information+To add either solver to your GAMS license, please ​write to //[[|]]// ​to confirm that you have such a license agreement and that your use of the GAMS solver will comply with the terms of that license agreement. Please reference your License ID, DCxxxx
- + 
 +For pricing of the GAMS/CPLEX Link, see our [[http://​​sales/​academicp.pdf|academic]] and [[http://​​sales/​commercialp.pdf|commercial]] price lists. 
 +Please note that GAMS/​OSICPLEX does not support all features of a GAMS/CPLEX, but the GAMS/CPLEX Link does. For details visit this [[http://​​doku.php?​id=solver:​osicplex_osigurobi_osimosek_osixpress|page]].
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