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-====== MILES vs. PATH ====== 
-//Q: I have a MCP problem which is going to grow. I have both MILES and PATH,and since PATH costs extra, I am assuming it is in some sense better. I have not been able to find anything clear in the documentation about their relative merits. Running the small model I have now produces exactly the same solution, and in approximately the same time.The model is soon to be shared with other users, and I don’t know if they should buy PATH. Any experience or pointers to relevant literature would be appreciated.//​ 
-There is a document, which describes [[https://​​latest/​docs/​UG_SolverUsage.html#​UG_PATH_VS_MILES|some of the differences between ​ PATH and MILES]]. 
-A comparison of several MCP solvers, including MILES and PATH, is available in S.C. Billups, S.P. Dirkse, and M.C. Ferris, "A Comparison of Large Scale Mixed Complementarity Problem Solvers",​ Computational Optimization and Applications,​ Vol. 7, pp 3-25, 1997. 
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