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Not enough memory to solve my problem with OSL

GAMS/OSL complains that there is not enough memory to solve my problem. What do I do ?

The solver reports its memory estimate and availability in both the listing file and the log as follows:

   Work space requested by solver   ---  23.45 MB
   Work space allocated             ---   0.00 MB
   Maximum work space available     ---  16.31 MB

This indicates that GAMS/OSL estimated that 23.45 MB would be required to solve the problem, and since only 16.31 MB were available on the machine, no memory was estimated, and OSL did not attempt to solve the problem.

Since 23.45 MB is a conservative estimate, the user could force OSL to try and solve the problem with the memory available. This is done by adding the following line,

   mymodel.workspace = 16 ;

where mymodel is the name of the model as specified by the model statement. This should appear between the model and solve statements.

If this causes OSL to crash, then the only option is to run the model on a machine with more memory.

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