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 +====== Not enough memory to solve my problem with OSL ======
 +//GAMS/OSL complains that there is not enough memory to solve my problem. What do I do ?// 
 +The solver reports its memory estimate and availability in both the
 +listing file and the log as follows: ​
 +     Work space requested by solver ​  ​--- ​ 23.45 MB
 +     Work space allocated ​            ​--- ​  0.00 MB
 +     ​Maximum work space available ​    ​--- ​ 16.31 MB
 +This indicates that GAMS/OSL estimated that 23.45 MB would be
 +required to solve the problem, and since only 16.31 MB were
 +available on the machine, no memory was estimated, and OSL did not
 +attempt to solve the problem. ​
 +Since 23.45 MB is a conservative estimate, the user could force OSL
 +to try and solve the problem with the memory available. This is done
 +by adding the following line, 
 +     ​mymodel.workspace = 16 ;
 +where mymodel is the name of the model as specified by the model
 +statement. This should appear between the model and solve
 +statements. ​
 +If this causes OSL to crash, then the only option is to run the model
 +on a machine with more memory.
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