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-====== Providing additional debugging information,​ if a model is integer infeasible ====== 
-Q: //Is there any way to trace the infeasiblility cause by which equations/​constraints ( with =e=, =l= or =g= ), which set by the user, from GAMS when the modelstate = 10, ie 'No feasible integer solution could be found',​ has occurred? ​ // 
-Most MIP solver do not return a solution at all, if a problem is integer infeasible. If you check the lst file, you will see a messages like: 
- ​RESOURCE USAGE, LIMIT          0.014      1000.000 
- ​ITERATION COUNT, LIMIT         ​0 ​        10000 
-ILOG CPLEX       ​May ​ 1, 2008 22.7.2 WIN 4792.4799 VIS x86/MS Windows 
-Cplex 11.0.1, GAMS Link 34  
-Problem is integer infeasible. 
-No solution returned 
-Thus it is not possible for GAMS to provide any further information about the origin of the integer infeasibility. If you have a GAMS/Cplex license, you may want to have a look at "​Feasible Relaxation",​ which may provide further information. For more details please consult the GAMS/CPLEX solver manual. ​ 
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