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References for LP/QP-Presolve Techniques

Find below a few references:

E. D. Andersen and K. D. Andersen, 
Presolving in linear programming, 
Math. Programming 71(2):221--245, 1995

C. Mészáros and U.H. Suhl, Advanced preprocessing techniques 
for linear and quadratic programming, 
OR Spectrum, 25(4), Springer, 2003, 575-595

Jacek, Gondzio,  Presolve Analysis of Linear Programs 
Prior to Applying an Interior Point Method,
Logilab, HEC Geneva, Section of Management Studies, 
University of Geneva, 102 Bd Carl Vogt, CH-1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland
Technical Report 1994.3 February 7, 1994, revised December 20, 1994

The COIN-OR Manual (Section 3.4, search for “Reference”) has some references on preprocessing techniques for mixed-integer problems.

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