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-====== SBB: Could not rename ​ / Could not open control file ====== 
-Q: // I'm using gams 22.0 with sbb full version to solve a MINLP.My problem is that if i run the program in a desktop pc with XP operating system there is no problem but if i run gams with sbb solver in my laptop with vista operating system gams stops after running for a while and gives some error messages like: // 
-Could not rename 
-C:​\Users\xxx\Desktop\tez\gams\225a\tmpsol.scr to 
-Could not open control file 
-C:​\Users\xxx\Desktop\tez\gams\225a\subcntr.scr for 
-writing fopen:​Permission denied 
-SBB does quite a few file operations during its run. We have seen problems on virtual machines and with aggressive virus scanners. The operating system tells the SBB program that the file is available but the actual rename, delete, etc action fails. With more recent versions of SBB we have added some small delay in case of a failure and try again. The GAMS 22.0 version of SBB does not have this. 
-You may try a run your model with the virus scanner turned off. If that succeeds you might be able to train the scanner to ignore the files handled by SBB. 
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