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 +====== Setting bounds on all variables ======
 +Q: // I have 4 variables. x (binary), t (continous),​ p (continuous) and Z (objective function) and  set: //
 +<​code>  ​
 +t.lo = 0;
 +t.up = 14;
 +</​code> ​   ​
 +//but BARON says I still did not give bounds for all variables. Why do I get this message even I bound my all variables (I get this message even I set bound for binary variables). ​
 +BARON requires bounds on all expressions in your model. Sometimes the bounds on the variable still allow expressions to be unbounded (e.g. 1/t). We also made the experience that expressions even if they are bounded but become very large (1e7) are reported this way. If the problem persists, please email the model to
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