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-====== Solver option file not found (wrong file extension) ====== 
-Sometimes a solver option file is not found by GAMS because the file extension is wrong, even if it appears the extension is 
-.opt. The solver option file must be a text file and must have  the .opt extension. When saving text files under Windows certain ​ programs may in fact add a .txt extension to the options file so that the option file is (solver).opt.txt instead of (solver).txt. ​ 
-To check if you really have an option file with .opt extension, open up a command line window and move to the appropriate directory. Type: ''>>​ dir'',​ which will list the full file name with the full extension. If the 
-option file does have the .opt.txt extension, move the file so that it has the correct extension: ''>>​ move (solver).opt.txt (solver).opt''​ 
-You should now have a correct solver option file extension. To avoid this you can list complete file name extensions for all files so that you can immediately tell if a file has an improper extension. Go to Settings > Control Panel > Folder Options. Click on the View tab. Make sure the 'Hide file extensions for known file types' is not 
-Current versions of the GAMS IDE include an option editor: Utilities -> Option Editor ​ 
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