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-====== Supported Sub Solvers ====== 
-In order to use ''​GAMS/​BARON'',​ users will need to have a ''​GAMS/​BARON''​ license and as well as a licensed GAMS linear programming (LP) solver. A licensed GAMS nonlinear programming (NLP) solver is optional and usually expedites convergence. By default, ''​GAMS/​BARON''​ will attempt to use ''​CPLEX''​ as the LP solver and ''​MINOS''​ as the NLP solver. If the user does not have licenses for these solvers, then the user can either explicitly set the options ''​LPSol''​ and ''​NLPSol''​ to specify another LP or NLP solver or let BARON automatically switch to ''​CLP''​ and ''​IPOPT''​. 
-  * At the time of writing the valid LP solvers are ''​CLP'',​ ''​CPLEX'',​ and ''​XPRESS''​. 
-  * Purchasing a high-performance LP solver like ''​CPLEX'',​ or ''​XPRESS''​ is highly recommended since the LPs that ''​GAMS/​BARON''​ solves can become quite large and difficult. 
-  * The LP solver ''​CLP''​ does not require a special license, this is included in the ''​GAMS/​BASE''​ license 
-  * As NLP solvers all GAMS NLP solvers can be used. While ''​IPOPT'',​ ''​MINOS''​ and ''​SNOPT''​ can be chosen using the option ''​NLPsol=9'',​ ''​NLPsol=2''​ and ''​NLPsol=4'',​ respectively,​ all other solvers can be chosen via ''​NLPsol=6''​ and the addition option ''​ExtNLPSolver''​. E.g ''​ExtNLPSolver=conopt.1''​ will instruct Baron to use Conopt with an option file conopt.opt. 
-  * The NLP solver ''​IPOPT''​ does not require a special license, this is included in the ''​GAMS/​BASE''​ license 
-  * ''​GAMS/​BARON''​ can be used without an NLP solver by setting ''​DoLocal=0''​ and ''​NumLoc=0''​ in a ''​GAMS/​BARON''​ option file. Please consult §4 of the ''​GAMS/​BARON''​ manual for further information. 
-  *  Please see the latest sub-solvers that are supported by BARON from the [[https://​​latest/​docs/​S_BARON.html|BARON manual]]. ​ 
-While ''​GAMS/​BARON''​ is recommended with a commercial strength LP and NLP solver, a minimum system does not require any additional solver license (starting with ''​GAMS/​BARON''​ 10 in GAMS distribution 23.8) by setting ''​LPsol=8''​ ([[http://​​projects/​Clp.xml|CLP]]) and ''​NLPsol=9''​ ([[https://​​Ipopt|IPOPT]]) in a ''​GAMS/​BARON''​ option file 
-LPsol   8 # select CLP as the LP solver 
-NLPsol ​ 9 # select IPOPT as the NLP solver 
-or letting BARON automatically switch to ''​CLP''​ and ''​IPOPT''​. 
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