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The "D" solvers (GAMS/ConoptD, GAMS/ConvertD, GAMS/CplexD and GAMS/LGOD)

The “D” solvers GAMS/ConoptD, GAMS/ConvertD, GAMS/CplexD and GAMS/LGOD started as research and development versions of the production solvers GAMS/Conopt, GAMS/Convert, GAMS/Cplex and GAMS/LGO. So these “D” solvers offer some interesting new features that eventually will migrate into the production version. As of distribution 23.6 all new features of GAMS/ConoptD and GAMS/LGOD have been migrated to the production version and both GAMS/ConoptD and GAMS/LGOD are merely an alias for GAMS/Conopt and GAMS/LGO. We generally recommend to work with the production version of the solver and only cautiously use the “D” version if the new feature is essential to the model. Backward compatibility is of great concern to us, but with the “D” solvers, the backward compatibility requirements are relaxed (e.g. the ConoptD solver will soon disappear from the list of solvers).

The following describes the differences between the research and development “D” solvers and the production version as of distribution 24.0.

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