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-====== The "​D"​ solvers (GAMS/​ConoptD,​ GAMS/​ConvertD,​ GAMS/CplexD and GAMS/LGOD) ====== 
-The "​D"​ solvers GAMS/​ConoptD,​ GAMS/​ConvertD,​ GAMS/CplexD and GAMS/LGOD started as research and development versions of the production solvers GAMS/​Conopt,​ GAMS/​Convert,​ GAMS/Cplex and GAMS/LGO. So these "​D"​ solvers offer some interesting new features that eventually will migrate into the production version. As of distribution 23.6 all new features of GAMS/​ConoptD and GAMS/LGOD have been migrated to the production version and both GAMS/​ConoptD and GAMS/LGOD are merely an alias for GAMS/Conopt and GAMS/LGO. We generally recommend to work with the production version of the solver and only cautiously use the "​D"​ version if the new feature is essential to the model. Backward compatibility is of great concern to us, but with the "​D"​ solvers, the backward compatibility requirements are relaxed (e.g. the ConoptD solver will soon disappear from the list of solvers). 
-The following describes the differences between the research and development "​D"​ solvers and the production version as of distribution 24.0. 
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