GAMS MIRO Engine - running GAMS in the cloud!

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Published: 02 May, 2020

GAMS MIRO Engine is a new, highly scalable version of GAMS that is tailored to cloud environments. MIRO Engine moves the heavy computation away from local PCs to servers and takes care of distributing your optimization jobs. It scales up or down depending on the workload. With the built-in user management system, you can limit user activities to reflect your organizational hierarchy.

We want to introduce the beta version of GAMS MIRO Engine and demonstrate the following topics:

  • Boosting MIRO by using Engine as the back-end

  • Posting jobs and getting results using the Engine User Interface

  • Using Python to post jobs

  • Limiting the activities of your users through the use of namespaces

  • Posting MIRO Hypercube jobs

Watch our webinar and learn about the Features of the new GAMS MIRO Engine!


Hamdi Burak Usul

GAMS Software GmbH

H. Burak Usul is a senior year Computer Engineering student from Abdullah Gul University. In addition to his CS studies, Burak also took lessons from Industrial Engineering about mathematical modeling, optimization, and artificial intelligence.

In 2019, he joined GAMS as a student intern and continued as an independent contractor. In this role, he contributed significantly to the development of GAMS MIRO Engine. His core competencies are distributed systems and Kubernetes, competitive programming, and mathematical modeling.